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Healing Art with Children

Art provides a powerful way for children to develop self-expression and creativity. When a child creates art, they are doing much more than drawing a picture. They are expressing their emotions, intuitions, and intentions, as well as connecting to the creative power we all possess. Children don't always know how to deal with their emotions. You often see many children act out because of it, others become quiet, and others become closed off. We often see the "best" solution to be suppression, where it's easier to just give a child a pill to block out their energy and forcibly calm them than to really let them express themselves.

Let your child be exactly who they are meant to be. Let them express this energy in a creative manner. In a one-on-one session Kimberly helps the child to work on areas that they would otherwise have trouble addressing verbally. Her passion for working with children is expressed by providing a compassionate and understanding environment. She also meets with parents providing them with tools to assist their children.

Healing Art with Adults

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of our universal being. We are all born with it in various ways. Healing with our own creativity allows us to open our heart and mind and to surrender to all aspects that may be challenging in our life. The creative process allows us to access the non-verbal part of our brain. Bringing the information forward through use of our hands allows us to gain insight into our own motivations and inspirations. Healing and growth can occur through this process and enrich your life through the creative process. In a one on one session, Kimberly will guide you through meditation allowing you to connect with your own creative process by use of various art mediums. You will learn to expose your own creativity in a relaxing, fun, and non-judgmental manner. This is a perfect way to delve into the depths of your own heart and soul by watching images form throughout the healing process.