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Shamanism refers to a range of ancient Native practices that have the ability to diagnose and assist in the alleviation of person human suffering. The techniques I use connect through the heart and I journey with you and for you with drumming to guide the process. I offer several healing techniques, soul recovery, shamanic journeying, and connecting to your power animal.

Soul recovery is a process by which we regain pieces of ourselves that have been lost though trauma in this life, past lives or other realities. As your guide I journey to those places where your life force energy is stuck. I then work in extracting your soul pieces from other lifetimes and realities, clearing them and returning them through the heart center. This then frees up your energy from subconscious memories that have traveled with you for ages, preventing you from being present and fully in your power. Soul recovery will allow you to step fully into your life purpose and do the work you have come here to do.

Soul journey is a process were I work with you in journeying into your heart and to places where your ego is at rest for you to see, hear or feel what is causing discontent in an area of your life. The journey reveals pieces of information that can help, heal and assist in the process of moving forward in life. During a session I guide you throughout this process so you feel safe and loved.

A power animal is a spiritual guardian. I will take you through a process while drumming and discernment to connect you to this guardian. Every animal has its strengths, special powers and lessons to teach you. When you align yourself to your power animal you come to know your strengths and weaknesses. Getting to know your power animal will give you a better understanding of yourself.