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Have you ever wondered what your aura or energy looked like? Wouldn't it be exciting to learn from the colors that are inspired in our energy field? Kimberly is a visually and spiritually gifted artist who paints the essence of the energy surrounding your sense of being. Through a meditation process, she connects with Source energy and is led to draw and paint the beautiful essence that is your spirit. She then analyzes the image which is a guided message from source.

This is done through a process referred to as Channeling. She uses her gift to connect with your soul and intuitively draws what she feels. It is truly an amazing experience.

Each piece of the painting represents your energy and aura, and Kimberly takes the time to explain what it represents. Sometimes in this busy world we don't take the time to work on the most important thing of all, ourselves. Your artwork will assist in guiding you into the deeper layers of your true self.

The sessions with Kimberly are digital recorded accompanied by your 5 x 7 painting in an 8 x 10 matte. Kimberly also offers sessions for those who do not live in the area. She will connect with the person's spirit to create the painting and digitally record the interpretation. She can also discuss the interpretation on the phone or by Skype.

Spirit Art is a wonderful gift for weddings, anniversaries, to celebrate the birth of a baby, and for almost any occasion.

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