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Kimberly Bailey completed an essence art painting for me almost a year ago and I am still constantly amazed at the messages I receive from the picture. The art hangs in the middle of my home so that I can see it everyday, as it brings me much joy and facilitates healing. I recommend that anyone who has a desire to connect with their spirit at an even deeper level see Kimberly Bailey for essence art. It is one-of-a-kind art with a one-of-a-kind person. She is absolutely amazing!!!

-Erin, Spirit Art Session

I've found Kimberly to be very caring and intuitive. After a session with her, I felt relaxed and inwardly calm.

-Diane, Spirit Art Session

I have suffered many years off and on with depression and low self esteem. For years I never felt that I deserved to be loved. I had so much love to give but somehow I always seemed to find people in my life who were not capable of loving me back. What I didn't realize was that I had no love for myself and that I was relying on others to fill that for me. I never felt worthy of being loved. I filled my emptiness with destructive vices; alcohol, drugs and food. I couldn't even look in the mirror at myself and say “I love you". I always wanted to take a rock and smash it. I hated who I was and resented myself.

Kimberly performed Reiki on me two years ago. I was unsure what to think of it but decided to give it a try. I saw no light at the end of my tunnel and tried therapy and many antidepressants. I was at the end of my rope. During Reiki I felt a lot of movement within my body. A lot of energy flowing and a lot of blockage in my inner body. I felt so much movement I was scared. After Kimberly performed Reiki on me I had many parts of me open up. I felt this overwhelming positivity about myself and my life, like I have a purpose and want to enjoy each day. I started to like whom I saw in the mirror and actually felt love for that person. I felt mentally relieved of all negative thoughts that use to consume me. I started to notice how beautiful everything was around me. The sun felt warmer, the sky bluer and the air fresher. After every breath I took I felt cleansed and rejuvenated. Breathing energy in and exhaling all my negativity out. All the years of therapy and medication I never felt as good and hopeful as this. I look at things different now. Every day feels fresh and clean and full of positive energy. Emotionally and physically I have never felt so fulfilled and empowered. I know awake every morning and can't wait to discover each new day. Thank you Kimberly for giving my life a purpose.

-Anonymous, Reiki Treatment

My experience was to see Kimberly through her art, she is a gifted loving, kind person, seeking endless peace and growth in the spiritual realms. Kimberly’s Art is a full creative expression of spirit, in the way of the shaman or healer, she captures the essence of the unseen colors and they create a link to one’s own spiritual path and energy. Every soul is a creative expression of the universal consciousness, as spirit we are all link to God Source creative form of light and unconditional love.

-Rina Lichtinger - Reiki Master, Spirit Art Session

Kimberly's art is magical!!! Her creations have the ability to awaken your spirit and inspire higher thought. Kimberly's art can bypass the ever so racing mind, and allow you to see the beauty of God within. I highly recommend Kimberly, and hope you treat yourself to this amazing art-spiritual-healing experience.

-Rev. Barbra Owen W. B.S.,D.hom

Kimberly has performed Reiki on me several times. I always feel better and calmer afterwards. I most especially enjoyed and benefited from a Reiki massage. It was soothing both physically and emotionally. I felt its effects for a long time afterwards. I would highly recommend it to friends and family.

-Anonymous, Reiki Session

I was recently the lucky recipient of a remarkable piece of spiritual art from Kimberly. It is worth adding as more than a footnote that I am only an acquaintance of Kimberly's, and unfortunately, have never even shared a room with her. Despite this remote connection, she provided her valuable time and materials to me for free, without request. I think of it as somewhere between a gift and a favor, if those are separable. I immediately found the work to be aesthetically touching and undeniably mystical. Most of all, it was deeply and curiously personal (you will recall our peripheral connection). The piece had an instant, ever-evolving, and lasting effect on me which continues to the moment. Over time, both simple and profound moments of pleasure and introspection followed the picture's arrival. Admittedly, my consultation with Kimberly about the picture and my correlated perceptions rewarded as much as any component of the entire experience. It was during this visit I realized I had the unique fortune of speaking with a friend who is just as special as her unusual and remarkable crafts; her underlying intentions are as touching as her exceptional work, and its countless benefits. Having never written a testimonial, you will please forgive me for urging that you should find out for yourself. Thank you Kimberly, for everything.

-Anthony, Spirit Art Session

Kimberly is my daughter. I have tried anti-depressions for years to treat my depression. It wasn't until I went through Kimberly's spiritual healing that I found the true meaning of my inner self. It opened up self love that I never could seem to find before. Through Kimberly's inspiration and spiritual healing I now feel good about my life and invite each new day as a new beginning.

-Dad, Spirit art and Reiki Session